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BOYS U6 Program (Kindergarten)



BOYS U6 Kindergarten

Program Highlights

For the 2021-2022 season, players will only need to register once for the full year.

Program Structure

Every Saturday morning, each player will enjoy a 1/2 hour of soccer activities with their teammates. This will be followed by a 25 minute game of 4-a-side against another team. There are no goalkeepers and there are unlimited substitutions. All practices and games take place at Osborne Fields.

Program Objectives

1. FUN!! - our priority is to provide a program where our youngest athletes can develop a love for the game.

2. TOUCH, TOUCH, TOUCH!! - we aim for each child to maximize their touches of the ball during both practice and game time.

3. Dribbling - to the degree there is any focus on skill development, most activities will center on developing a confidence with the ball at their feet and encourage players to gravitate to the ball.


1. Parents: Please ensure your child is in the correct uniform, wears shin guards, brings water (in reusable labelled bottle) and is fully sunscreened/bugsprayed for all practices and games. Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled activity's start time. Take home everything you bring. During the event parents are encouraged to offer positive support to their son/daughter only. Please stand on the opposite side of the field to the team and let the young referees ref and our volunteer coaches coach. Thank you and enjoy.

2. Coaches: Please ensure playing area, especially goals are clear of debris and secure to play. Encourage all players constantly. Remember the 3 L's - no laps, no lines, no lectures. If an instruction takes longer than 30 seconds it's too long. Focus on fun, not on soccer skills and enjoy yourself, too. Thank you.

3. Everyone: Please respect others and don't bring pets to the field!! And PLEASE remove all trash even if it's not yours. Thank you.

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