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Officers & Coordinators

2022-2023 Norwell Board of Directors

The volunteer board of directors is charged with the organizational structure of the league. It also appoints the President who then runs the league. Every Board seat has a two year term. The Board meets three times a year: October, February and holds the Annual meeting every June. The 8 seats not held by the President are voted on by the coaches at the coaches meeting held every August/September (4 seats are "up" every year).




Robert Johnston President
Scott Garland Vice President
Matt Kopek Treasurer
Tyler Roberts  
Joe Alcaro  
Rick Johnson  
Roberta Bateman  
John Young CYSL Rep
Alicia Hickey  
Tanner McGuire  


Norwell Youth Soccer relies heavily on our volunteer age group co-ordinators. They are critical in the running of the league and are the first port of call for coaches and parents of the players in that respective age group.

Age Group Grade Role Coordinator Email
Pre-K     Mass City  
BU6 KG Lead Beth Smith


GU6 KG Lead Megan Bhambi  
BU8 1 Assistant Silvia Nolan silviacristina819@gmail.com
BU8 2 Lead  Roy Bjorlin rwbjorlin@gmail.com
GU8 1 Assistant Mary Bragg maryybragg@gmail.com
GU8 2 Lead Andrea Rosellini andreajrosellini@gmail.com
BU10 3 Assistant    
BU10 4 Lead Carey Fryar careymfryar@gmail.com
GU10 3 Assistant Emily Gilman/ Tayla Ruozzi gilmanem@gmail.com
GU10 4 Lead  Jen Banks  jenniferabanks@gmail.com
BU12 5 Assistant    
BU12 6 Lead Andrew Tuttle andrewrtuttle@comcast.net
GU12 5 Assistant Alyssa Merrifield/ Andrew Hamilton alyssa_merrifield@hotmail.com
GU12 6 Lead Tanner McGuire tmaguire21@gmail.com
BU14 7 Assistant Sean Kelley seany.kelley@gmail.com
BU14 8 Lead Alicia Hickey aabertoni@gmail.com
GU14 7 Assistant Bob Johnston robert.johnston44@gmail.com
GU14 8 Lead John Young jeyoungiv76@gmail.com



2022-3 Norwell Soccer Association Incorporated Officers:


Name  Title Email
Robert Johnston President  robert.johnston44@gmail.com
Scott Garland Vice President  pscottgarland@yahoo.com
Matthew Kopek Treasurer   matthew.kopek@gmail.com
Jill Donelan  Registrar jillmarie.donelan@gmail.com
 Ross Pettit Referee Coordinator  rossdpettit@gmail.com
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