Monday, August 2, 2021

Player Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process

Player Assessments for Spring Travel 

Objective:  To provide an assessment of all our U12 & U14 players to ensure that they are placed on a team to maximize their enjoyment, allow them to actively contribute to their team within their developmental needs and level of playing ability.

Summary:   Norwell Youth Soccer  deploys an objective evaluation process to provide all U12 and U14 players with a consistent, fair and balanced appraisal to be used to both guide future player development and to properly assess the current level of play of each player in our league. 

Placement on Spring Travel teams is based on assessment by each player's coach based on their ability and progress through the prior fall season. While fall teams are designed to balance players of varying abilities to create equally competitive teams, assignment to Spring Travel Teams groups players of similar abilities.

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