Monday, May 20, 2024

All Referees will be Assigned Using

Game Officials

Norwell Soccer and the Coastal Youth Soccer League (CYSL) assigns referees to games using the Game assigning software system.  Norwell has joined with other towns in the using a centralized assigning software program. All referees who want to referee for Norwell Soccer (and other South Shore towns in the CYSL) must join Game

If you want to referee games in Norwell, go to My Preferences and select League/Tournament Preferences and/or Work Area Preferences and select Norwell.  At this point, you can select multiple towns in the CYSL in which you make yourself available to work. 

Game Officials works on Availability basis; you must enter the days and times in which you are available to work.  Only those referees that show AVAILABLE in the system will be assigned. 

Assignments will be assigned and published (this is when referees are notified via email or text) on the Monday of the week in which games are being played.  You must ACCEPT your game assignments within 48 hours of being published.  If you do not accept the game, the system will automatically remove you from the assignment. 

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