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Online Coaching License and Practice Ideas

Coaches are encouraged to pursue all soccer licensing. Costs for which will be reimbursed per league policy.

Please click the following link -  MAYOUTHSOCCER - Resources for training practice tips etc.

Coaching Goals For Norwell Youth Soccer

Discover coaching goals for different age groups

Coaching goals for the U-8 year old player

  • Have the player exude joy and happiness when playing the game
  • Have the player gravitate toward the ball...

Warm up Program for Kindergarten - U10

Norwell Youth Soccer Warm Up Program

Created by: Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

Every player needs to warm up before physical exercise. Please see age appropriate ways to do this.

  Kindergarten 1st-2nd Grade 3rd-4th Grade

Forward – forward run:

suicide style between cones but no touch

Forward – backward run:

same as above but running backwards on return

“S” run:

run on a curved lin

Lateral shuffle:

between cones, do not cross feet



up-down-step, reach to sky with opposite hand



sideways running, cross trailing leg in front and in back alternately



sprint forward, plant and cut on 45° angle, alternating right and left every few strides


Figure 8 (forward and backward):

between cones, always face forward


Combo drills:

i.e. sprint to backpedal or box patterns with sprint, shuffle, and backpedal


Warm Up Program for U12 and Above

New FIFA  Program

The 11+” is a complete warm-up package for football players. The programme was developed by an international group of experts. It is designed to warm up players correctly and help prevent injury.

Norwell Youth Soccer is adopting this program as its standard practice and all coaches should use this program.

Please click on the following link to their site which contains Video demonstations of the warm ups, quick reference cards for each exercise.

Mass Youth Soccer - Curriculum U6 to U12

Please click on the following link to view the age based curriculum U6 to U12

Practice Tips

The following websites offer tips for coaches looking for ideas for practices:

1. Jeff Pill’s Drills

2. Good Variety of Drills

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