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Get Ready for THE BEST Weekend of the Fall Season

UPDATED 10/25/22


Truly the BEST weekend of the fall season.


Friday 10/28/22

Girls 3rd/4th Grade at Norwell High 

Field 1 

6:00PM Italy vs Australia

6:20PM England vs Italy

6:40PM Australia vs England


Field 2 

6:00PM England vs Mexico

6:20PM Mexico vs Australia

6:40PM Italy vs Mexico


Field 1 World Cup Final

7:00PM Group 1 Winner Vs Group 1 Runner up (World Cup Final) 

7:15PM END


Field 1 Group 2

7:25PM Germany vs France

7:45PM Brazil vs Germany

8:05PM France vs Brazil


Field 2 Group 2

7:25PM Brazil vs USA

7:45PM USA vs France

8:05PM Germany vs USA


Field 1 World Cup Final

8:25PM Group 2 Winner Vs Group 2 Runner up (World Cup Final) 

8:40PM END


Saturday 10/29 


Boys 3rd/4th Grade at MPF Norwell High 


Field 1 

3:30PM Spain vs Mexico

3:50PM Mexico vs Portugal 

4:10PM Australia vs Netherlands

4:30PM Spain vs Netherlands 

4:50PM Australia vs Portugal 


Field 2

3:30PM Portugal vs Netherlands 

3:50PM Spain vs Australia 

4:10PM Portugal vs Spain 

4:30PM Mexico vs Australia 

4:50PM Netherlands vs Mexico 


Field 1

5:10PM England vs Italy

5:30PM Italy vs Germany 

5:50PM Brazil vs USA 

6:10PM USA vs England 

6:30PM Germany vs Brazil 


Field 2

5:10PM Germany vs USA 

5:30PM England vs Brazil 

5:50PM England vs Germany 

6:10PM Italy vs Brazil 

6:30PM Italy vs USA 


Field 1 World Cup Final

7:00PM Group 1 Winner Vs Group 2 Winner (World Cup Final) Group 1 winner will need to come back to play final.

7:15PM END




There will be one grouping with the top two teams vying to attain the greatest sum of points. The top two teams that have the greatest point total will head to the "World Cup Final". Three points shall be awarded for a win, one for a tie and zero for a loss. If there is a tie between two teams in regards to point sums at the conclusion of all the group matches, then the winner shall be determined by calculating the goals scored by a team minus the number of goals the team gave up. The team with the highest difference is the winner. If this still results in a tie then there will be a shootout. Five individual players from the team will be selected by the coach to each take a penalty shot. The referee will invite a team captain from each side to call heads or tails in selecting who will choose to go first. Teams will alternate taking shots. After each team has taken five shots, the team with the most goals wins. If still tied, the teams will repeat the penalty shot process with the same players. 


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